Dekro Paints


Dekro Paints, a leading producer of paint, coatings and resins manufactures a wide range of products including:

  • Decorative, industrial, and weatherproofing paints for the home owner, property developers, businesses and contractors.
  • Specialised coatings for continuous application to steel and other metals.
  • Automotive, anti-corrosive and industrial coatings for use in specialised applications.
  • Marine coatings for supply to the local and international marine industry.
  • Alkyd, polyester and other resins for supply to sectors such as the local paint industry and furniture manufacturing industry.

Our range of emulsion and acrylic decorative paints is suitable for a variety of surfaces in and around the home. The range includes the popular Dekro Super Acrylic - a washable, matt emulsion paint - Super Fibretex, and Hydrosilk - a top quality pure acrylic water-based coating with a satin sheen finish.

Dekro Paints also produces specialist weatherproofing applications. These applications include Hydroclad and Hydroplast which are tailor-made for the often harsh Southern African climate.

Dekro manufactures specialist protective coatings including Flamelock - a fire-retardant finish, and Mediflex which eliminates the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Our marine division, Marinecote, manufactures marine, heavy duty and specialised marine coatings under licence from the Japanese multi-national, Chugoku Marine Paints.

Furthermore, Dekro is continually developing and introducing new paint products . Our latest include Walk Safe - a non slip floor coating that is well suited for surfaces where safety is important. Another new product is Mediguard, which is a protective paint perfect for interior and exterior surfaces in hospitals, kitchens, butcheries, restaurants and laboratories.

Finally, Solardek UV Reflecting Roof Paint is a highly recommended finishing paint for roofs of galvanised iron, asbestos cement and cement roof tiles to reflect solar heat.

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