Dekro Paints


Dekro Paints in South Africa is a leading manufacturer and distributor of paint, coatings and resins. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of research and development, manufacture and distribution of coatings for the protection and beautification of all surfaces.

Dekro Paints produces a diverse range of products including decorative paints for the home owner, industrial & marine applications, weatherproofing products, and specialist protective coatings. more>>

Based in Cape Town, Dekro Paints has manufactured and supplied specialised paint applications to Southern Africa for over 60 years in the fields of decorative coatings, wood coatings, antifungal wall coatings, waterproofing, floor and roof coatings, marine applications, and tank linings. more>>

Dekro Paints offers you specialised information before beginning any new project. Visit our industrial, decorative and general advice pages for expert tips on preparing surfaces, choosing the correct product and applying coatings. more>>

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